Sunday, March 8, 2015

Provencal Pears and Orchids

24"x18"x1" deep, oil on gallery wrapped canvas
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Life is short,
Break the RULES -
FORGIVE quickly, 
KISS slowly, LOVE truly,
LAUGH uncontrollably, 
and NEVER REGRET anything that made you smile.
I'm so in love with this orchid plant...I painted this one the night before I flew down to my mom's in Florida last week.  I went to stay with her during surgery, and give her "moral support" for a few days.

Who knew that this one single white orchid could bring me so much delight during a cold snowy winter in Connecticut? And pulling out the table cloth from Provence brings out the warmth of "far-away" places, allowing me to dream and plan....not only how I want to spend summer, but what I want to bring into my life....for the duration of the journey. 

Color, joy, beauty, great memories, and anticipation of greater things to come.  

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Orchids and Apples

20"x24" x 1.5" deep cradled birch panel
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"Tenderness is greater proof of love than the most passionate of vows." - Marlene Dietrich

Sometimes those small, kind gestures can show how much you are loved and cared for. No need to be stingy with them, you won't run fact, you will receive multitudes in return.


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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exotic Dancer (Orchids with Mango & Papaya)

40"x30"x1.5" deep gallery wrap canvas
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"It is through the cracks in our brains that ecstacy creeps in." - Logan Pearsall Smith

Each on their own, fairly simple things,
 a piece of tropical fruit, a lovely string of flowers....
Yet it is mid-winter -
and they are from the tropics.
Each of them reminding me
that snow won't last forever.
Another blossom opens, 
wings open to fly,
and dance...
in the most exotic way. 

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Orchids and Oranges - with thoughts on Wise People from Alexandra Stoddard

30"x24" x1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas
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"Love is exactly as strong as life." - Joesph Campbell

"The wise people who accomplish much in their lifetime know the secret of happiness, which is to act out one's own interior stirrings and make them concrete. There is no greater joy than to find and bring forth personal truths."
- Alexandra Stoddard, from 'Grace Notes'

One more bloom opened on my orchid, and it makes another wonderful shape for me to notice. Each day there is more to see as another blossom slowly reveals itself in its gentle unfolding. The light follows the smooth curves until they bend into shadow...gracefully, in some small grandness.  

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Monday, February 9, 2015

White Orchids and Provence Linens/Studio Views

18" x 18" x 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas
For more information, or to purchase, please click here.  

 It was only a sunny smile,
And little it cost in the giving.
But like morning light, 
it scattered the night,
And made the day worth living.
- anonymous

Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them.
- Vincent McNabb 

Every time my orchids bloom, I am so grateful! Finally, I have discovered what it takes to get them to re-bloom...which happens to be - the right amount of sunlight, a significant degree difference in their day and night temperatures, weak feedings weekly, and just the right amount of luck! 

For you painters - here's a photo of my studio set-up:
 I've been shoving furniture around ever since I got home from my visit with mom last week.  I think I've come up with more room in here, and I'm liking my space for still-life set-ups all the more! I'll show another view of the whole studio once I'm finished with the major clean-out! Wow- does this feel good! 

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ocean-side Cottage Garden - Day 27 of #jan30in30

4"x6" oil on linen mounted on archival panel

Remembering a summer a few years ago, with billowing flowers over-looking the sea...

the tang of sea air, 
mixed with fragrant roses

circles around on the breeze,
following me all the way home.  

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Irish Waves of Montbresia - SOLD! - Day 26 of #jan30in30

10"x10" x1" deep oil on cradled birch panel

Time travel...
thousands of miles away -
a different season -
memories of color, fragrance,
and tiny fluttering wings...
a soft breeze
wraps around my mind.
There is no storm here...
all is calm and well. 
As I painted this, the howling winds of the January 2015 blizzard 'Juno' filled the air. I settled in to my studio, and remembered the colors, the fresh air, and my upcoming trip to Ireland.  The first time I saw these over there, I was quite amazed. The blossoms look so delicate, yet they surely must be hardy to tolerate sea air and a stiff breeze off the ocean.  So of course, when I came home, I asked my garden supplier Petie Reed at Perennial Harmony Garden Shop (in Waterford, CT-click on the link for a VERY zen youtube video) if these would grow here in CT. And she told me they will - if they are in a protected area. They're also known as crocosmia here. So of course, we planted them....and they have spread and grown beautifully. The hummingbirds love them! I've painted them in various incarnations both here and in Ireland. I'm reminded how they bob about in the breeze from the times that I've stood outside and painted them....over and over. I found the process absolutely meditative this evening...and falling in love with this plant over and over again....and came to the realization I will paint these quite large - I see them in a significant space. 

Join me on my workshop in Ireland this June


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