Monday, March 31, 2014

Fuchsia and Fiery Tulips, Hot Colors Floral

20"x16" oil on canvas mounted on archival board
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Fuchsia and fiery...bring on the hot wild colors of summer....we've waited long enough for Spring, and Mother Nature has sure been refusing to cooperate! Lots been going on since I last blogged. I've still been painting, but time has been tight. It all started with a mid-winter vacation ...a visit to see my mom in Florida (where she lives) in mid-February. One of my daughters joined me, and we took mom to the beach, and to the opening day of Spring Training...a baseball game with the Atlanta Braves! We filled the week with fun things to do...I even got in some nice little memorable sketches at the beach! I returned home on a Friday, (Feb. 28th to be exact). You won't believe what was on my answering machine the minute I came home from the air port?! Yes, you'll have to read tomorrow's post to find out!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Sky Awakening - Coastal Landscape by Roxanne Steed

40"x30" oil on gallery wrapped deep canvas 
For more information, or to purchase, click here.

Skies seem brighter, days are a bit longer, the snow is melting's "mud-season". The tips of the tree tops get a bit of 'red' tinge to them...they are waking up, too. 
Spring is always filled with hope and more than a bit of excitement for me. The dried winter grasses out in the marsh still rustle their blond tops. Birds migrate through. All the earth is awakening!

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