Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sketchbook- Multi-Media - Summer Beach Combing

Gifts of the sea;

Cast-offs from a mermaid,

Delicate in appearance, yet strong enough to weather the wind, waves and rocks.

Now they are gathered bits of treasure; 

sea glass and shells, 

claws and old egg-casings, kelp and driftwood. 

Lots of fun with some of these sketchbook - multi-media techniques. I printed out the tide charts that I use to look up the best times to gather sea glass. Torn edges, interesting words and phrases get applied to my page with some acrylic matte medium.  Then a bit of "watercolor ground" gets brushed on thinly so that I can still see through to the pages below, yet be able to paint on top of it.  The drawings are rather random - just like the objects I found. Yet they remind me of the day I gathered these bits of goodies from the beach.  Funny how a sketchbook page can really enhance memory of those wonderful days that you'd just love to repeat!  Click on the image to enlarge it!

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