Monday, May 20, 2013

Peach and Raspberry Sorbet Tulips!

6"x6"x7/8" deep oil on wood panel

Wow, the garden has been great inspiration this year! These two varieties of tulips have been really interesting as they've matured over the last two weeks. They light ones start out a very peachy color (like peach sorbet) and the darker ones quite the raspberry color. As the days have gone by and turned in to weeks.....each of these colors have changed!  The lighter ones have gone to a bright pink and the darker ones to a deep bluesy burgundy! And the blossoms are nice and BIG!

For my fellow gardening friends, we ordered our tulip bulbs in the fall from Colorblends, they ship them to you when it's the right time to plant them.  We've ordered daffodils, Spanish bluebells, and other tulips as well as these.  They've all been very beautiful, but these 2 colors have been spectacular!

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