Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fuchsias and Ferries, Clocktowers and Cliffs, Puffins and Pubs

8"x8" oil on archival panel
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After a morning demo on 'simplifying shapes' and 'relative colors' our group headed over to Knightstown, on Valentia Island. This is the spot where a car ferry takes you over to the mainland of Ireland. Near the pier there is a beautiful Clock Tower- quite a noteworthy landmark. 

8"x6" oil on linen mounted on archival panel - SOLD

It was a beautiful morning out by the water, our painters had lots to choose from in town.

We were still talking about the puffins we had seen the day before on Skellig Michael.
   and perhaps they are still talking about us? All those gawking people cooing over their cuteness?

"Make sure you get my good side"!

 "Okay, this paparazzi posing is getting tiresome, I have fish to catch".

On previous trips to the skellig, I've walked all the way up to the top, to the ancient monastery, and the stone 'beehive' huts.  The place is a World Heritage site, and quite a treasure. This is the first time I haven't gone all the way up the stairs. Since it was early July, when the puffins are still nesting, I really wanted to get as many photos of these funny little birds as I could! They are so cooperative (and cute). I found an accommodating rock ledge to sit, and yes, even brought my sketchbook - as they do sit around long enough for quick sketches. As soon as I brought it out of my bag & got part way into my sketch , a seagull swooped in, right between me and the puffin- no doubt thinking I had a nice juicy sandwich! ugh! What an interloper.

Enough chatting about our Tuesday trip, we had a bog walk to take after a morning of painting. The mist came in off the ocean, clouds were moving in fast from the south, rain was on the way. 
  Some of our "bog-walking-women" here, headed towards the cliffs of Culoo.

Sheep graze all over this area, and a couple popped their head up over the cliff edge to see what was coming their way.
 "Who goes there"?!

The rest of the herd grazes across the plane of the bog.
 We were soon the recipients of a FREE Irish facial, courtesy of the mist turning to rain along the southern side of Dingle Bay. We continued our walk out to the cliffs at Culoo.
 When we finally made it out there, we came upon two other walkers, one who came up to chat with our group. "Ian, of the middle road"  is how he introduced himself (and how we spoke of him later). 
 Ian and friend walking along the cliffs...which btw, is one place you'd never find me! This little cove/ pond at the top disguises the drop-off on the other side! ACKK!! 

Lichens and moss (and rocks) cover the ground closer to the cliffs, and as the bog stretches away, grasses and waterways run through this place where peat has been cut for fuel over the years. Refreshing, invigorating, uplifting, and yes, even spiritual  - a bog walk is all these things.

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