Thursday, April 12, 2007

Palatine Hill, Rome-View Across the Circus Maximus - sold

8"x8" oil on gallery wrap 1 & 1/2 " deep

Spring break - from London, a side trip down to Rome for some sunshine & warmth, and the chance for my daughters to practice their Italian. Perhaps over summer they'll get me up to speed? This trip was a wonderful chance to show my daughters where their dad & I rambled through in 1985. Of course - I brought my old 1985 tour book with all the dates written in where we had gone. My girls were worried that the map wouldn't be any good any more. Our B&B owner laughed & told them, of course it will be good, nothing has changed here for hundreds of years! ha. For me, nothing had changed in 22 years. I still LOVE this city & this country and now I know I have to come back AGAIN when I can stay longer and explore more!

We are standing on the opposite side of the Circus Maximus. Size -wise I don't know how to describe it other than larger than many, many football fields. (okay - the circuit itself was more than 1,090 yards long!). It was their grandest stadium mainly used for 2 or 4 horse chariot races, but also for military victory parades. The Palatine Hill rising behind it, is known as the cradle of Roman civilization! It is an undescribible feeling thinking about how many people have stood in the places we walked!


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