Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Color on the Connecticut River in Old Lyme

12"x16" oil on linen mounted on panel

I've just returned from a Leslie Saeta workshop in Waco, TX in time to see the last bit of New England color! During our week of studying marketing with Leslie, we endured - (umm, actually ENJOYED) temps in the low 80s...while back home they actually had snow flurries mid-week! It felt great to wear sandals in November! 

What an amazing time we had! Our workshop was held at the Magnolia House B&B built by Chip and Joanna Gaines of the HGTV Fixer-Upper show.  I have just become aware of them this year when one of my galleries and I were chatting about "industrial farmhouse" style favored by Chip and Joanna of "Fixer Upper" fame.  But I'll share more of my trip with you on my next post! I promise! 

Today and yesterday I've been out hiking in the glorious woods of fall color!  It's just past the peak (omg, I almost missed it!). The days are so much shorter and the sun much lower in the sky. But the trees...oh they are wonderful.  This one was painted on location by the Connecticut River, but I also like to paint in watercolor in my sketchbook, and then work up an oil painting from that as well. 

I do love returning to my favorite sites over and over again to see what each season brings!
This black frame really complements this painting!

 I love how it looks with Stickley furniture! 

Here's a side view for you! Contact me if you think this would look great in your home!

If paintings aren't in your budget right now(I do offer interest free layaway), I also have this image available in my 2017 calendar, by clicking right here.

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Blogger said...

What a beautiful fall scene. As well as the beautiful colors and paint quality, I really like the way you have the trees at each side. It makes it so intimate.
How neat to know you went to the workshop. I have never seen the show, but I did see the images on Leslie's blog. Looked great. Looking forward to seeing if you make any changes to your marketing habits.

November 9, 2016 at 2:23 PM  
Blogger Tamera Beardsley said...

Such poetic captures my dear! What a talent you have!!

How lovely to read you also homeschooled your daughters! I home schooled my three children as well!

Thank you so much for your gift of words on my blog! They truly touched my heart!

November 29, 2016 at 12:58 PM  

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