Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Orchids and Oranges - with thoughts on Wise People from Alexandra Stoddard

30"x24" x1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas
For more information, or to purchase, click here.  

"Love is exactly as strong as life." - Joesph Campbell

"The wise people who accomplish much in their lifetime know the secret of happiness, which is to act out one's own interior stirrings and make them concrete. There is no greater joy than to find and bring forth personal truths."
- Alexandra Stoddard, from 'Grace Notes'

One more bloom opened on my orchid, and it makes another wonderful shape for me to notice. Each day there is more to see as another blossom slowly reveals itself in its gentle unfolding. The light follows the smooth curves until they bend into shadow...gracefully, in some small grandness.  

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