Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I think I've found the "Fairy Glen" in Pomfret, CT!

"When we see with clear eyes, we know that we are surrounded by beauty."

"The scales have tipped and the days have more of early fall in them than early summer in them."  
- Edwin Way Teale

Yes, I am feeling the changes in the air after last weekend's sweltering heat.  And the length of day light is changing, too.  Sunset is coming around 7:45pm now, rather the the early-mid summer long days. 

Yesterday I spent the morning up in Pomfret, CT; sketching at the CT Audubon Grassland Bird Sanctuary.  The fields are in the process of being cut for hay.  Big round-bales dotted the rolling hills, a most wonderful sight for an artist I might add...or for anyone.  Why should only artists be privy to the "magic" in a beautiful view?  I'm looking forward to this Saturday, when I share this view with a group of people who are coming to learn about "sketchbook journaling" or keeping a nature journal.  With the fields mown and hay bales lying about, I think I have discovered "the fairy glen".  It's an area previously inaccessible to me. There's a large swath of shade that will last for the entire 3 hours of class - with interesting views in all directions.  Several types of wildflowers are still in bloom - the very last of the milkweed (though most are producing their big pods now), and an interesting yellow-orange flower that looks a bit like an orchid that grows on a climbing vine. (remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge it, and see up close!)
Turns out it is called 'touch-me-not' plant or jewelweed. It is found in moist areas where poison ivy grows and it's an 'antidote' for it.  Crush the watery stems and leaves in your hand and rub vigorously on affected areas. It soothes and helps prevent spreading of poison ivy oils. 
A cluster of pea-sized berries turns out to be the 'rose hips' of that  (invasive) species of climbing rose here in Connecticut (it IS a vigorous grower).
Along the edges of the cut field tall goldenrod spills its plumes. A hummingbird hovers to look at me before darting back to the yellow orchid-like blooms of jewelweed.
 In the middle of sketching, I hear, and notice a hawk soaring over-head. 
As I complete each sketch, I notice the deep calm I feel of my being here, in this one place....intently looking and listening.  Deep awareness - yet deep calm. I'm refreshed and invigorated from the experience (perhaps addicted) knowing that as soon as I drive away, I'll be wanting to return. 

For more info on the next class, see the calendar of events, click on August 20th, Nature Sketchbook Journaling here at this link.
I do hope you can join us!

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