Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fuscia, Knightstown, Valentia, Ireland - unfinished

9"x12" oil on oil primed linen

This one was begun plein air while I was over in Ireland. It was the one frustrating one that I brought home unfinished. I tinkered around with it today - but I'm still not ready to declare it done. It was a busy late afternoon/evening when we set up here to work. Only one in the group did actually finish this one on site (or close enough to declare victory!). Then it was time to pack it up for a late dinner, it was close to 8pm - and the light still looked like 6pm if we were back home in the US. There had been a funeral, cars were coming and going, and the one delightful distraction was a dog that layed in the middle of this intersection where 3 lanes come together, and he was not moving! Yeah, he owned the road.

Whether or not I end up happy with this painting remains to be seen - but in any case- it still is much better than coming home with a post card. I stood here for a few hours & watched life happen, recorded it as fast as I could to the best of current conditions. Most likely when I see this painting, I will remember my fellow painters, the people walking & driving by, the changing light of the passing day - and that hilarious dog with the big case of attitude! HA! -oh and the fabulous meal that we ate at the restaurant the following day! Fuscia Restaurant is the first building on the left, with the flowers in the half barrels and in the window boxes on the 2nd floor windows. Delightful place for an amazing meal!


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