Friday, January 16, 2009

draw in of Brilliant Light Over Portmagee & Puffin Island, Ireland

36"x48" oil on Belgian linen (stretched on stretcher bars)

"Let us open up our natures, throw wide the doors of our hearts and let in the sunshine of good will and kindness."
- O.S. Marden

Ooh what a brutally cold day outside here in CT! Spent lots of time catching up with some laundry & necessities. But I did get a good start to this painting. I did the little sketch yesterday as a color study, & to see if placement of the land masses made sense, values looked accurate. I actually got a little further than this - starting working in the sky, you'll see that tomorrow. You can see from the block-in that I had started another block-in of two figures sitting on a couch (done from life). Changed my mind about completing that one, but had this fabulous piece of linen, so over it goes- a new block-in!

I hope you enjoy seeing the process of how a painting progresses. I know I like to see other artists working methods. I generally work through the same process, usually using a toned canvas. I like working on oil-primed canvas, as it's easier to wipe back the areas you'd like to have a lighter tone. Then I mass in the darks. From there I usually go from the farthest distance to the nearest, ending with what is closest in the foreground. Thanks for following along!


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