Thursday, May 21, 2015

Roses and Phlox - Tender Mercies

20"x16" oil on 1" deep gallery wrapped stretched canvas
For more information, or to purchase, click here. 

This one was finished sometime in April, though I haven't spent much time blogging. I've been working on a rather large commission (and traveling here  and there, too)! These were florist flowers, which I had bought because nothing was blooming in our yard at the time! Now things are busting out all over, weather is finally looking great, but I am working hard to finish a rather large landscape/gardenscene in my studio, that I'm rather excited about!! I'll be talking more about that in the next upcoming posts! Hope your Spring has been a beautiful one, and you have plans for some great summer fun coming up! 

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Friday, May 1, 2015

"Guardian Angels With 1 of 43" - #Ayotzinapa

12"x12"x1" acrylic on cradled birch panel

I've never been one to put any political notions into my art. But this story left me some what unglued. Oddly enough, I only heard about this once back in the fall, on an NPR news report. Forty-three college students in Ayotzinapa had been murdered in Mexico. Corrupt police and drug gang were involved in this as well. The story stayed with me, really bothered me, even with all the other tragedies going on around the world and in our own country as well. As a mother, my heart was breaking for those children everywhere, who, as a result of violence, never come home again (whether it's these 43, or the 200 kidnapped girls in Africa, or unarmed young black men being shot by police in our own country). 

Then I found out one of my young friends in San Diego was very involved in organizing several events to protest this horror. Tomorrow (Saturday May 2nd) is a show opening, 43 artists for 43 students. I am one of those artists, painting and representing one of those students, Saul Bruno Garcia. I may have no political strength or clout, but I can bear witness to this happening, and not let it be forgotten. 

Check out the links I've inserted to hear more about this story, and to find out about the show.  You can google more about this....and what has been declared by the Mexican government up to this point.

All mother's hearts break
at the loss of one mother's child.
Yet they unite in LOVE
not fear,
against ALL wrongs. 
In memoriam, for Saul Bruno Garcia



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