Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fire Side Chat

6"x8" oil on linen/board (Raymar)

"Optimists are the elixir of life. They constantly remind the pessimists that life isn't as hopeless as they think. They are the extra ingredient that makes life bubble."
- Sara Henderson

Today's painting is "Fire Side Chat". Each year, some artist friends & I get together to paint landscapes in Chincoteague. On our last morning there, before we head home on long road trips for each of us, we meet at this one little boutique-y coffee shop. It has clothes, shoes, funky art & house-hold things, books, ...gosh, a gals favorite things. And wonderful coffees & home-made breakfast cakes. So we eat, drink, & talk about all the fun we had over the past several days....and we keep making the same challenge after seeing the fun & funky art pieces in this shop. We always challenge ourselves to paint something 'whimsical', out-of-the-box, different than what we might ordinarily do. So this is my first attempt after this years venture. While it may seem trivial, each little stretch into the unknown will gradually become something we incorporate into our "regular" work. And what may be wild for one of us, seems tame to another....but it's does open the door of the mind to try new things.....

To purchase this painting, click here for the link to the auction, where you may consider a bid.


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