Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Morning Geranium Welcome - sold!

6"x6" oil on gessoed masonite archival artboard

"Under the snowdrifts the blossoms are sleeping,
Dreaming their dreams of sunshine and June."
- William Sharp

I've spent the last several days finishing up some accounting for 2010 & submitting my CT sales & use tax. So time has been filled with that annual chore. But I do have a few paintings to bring out of the 'archive' and am offering them at 2009 prices during the month of February. They are dry and ready to ship as soon as your Paypal payment clears! I also accept personal checks - it just takes a good bit longer for it to travel through the mail from your house to my bank.

******For these Valentine special offerings, I'll cover shipping via Priority Mail (for continental US) between now (Feb 1st) and Feb. 14th! Treat your sweet-heart to something wonderful, that lasts forever, isn't fattening, and is the perfect size! Forwarding this email to 'the likely suspects' might be helpful as a gift-giving guide! OR be good to yourself, a personal Valentine 'from you to you' might be just what you need.

My first Valentine offering for my subscribers this month is, "Good Morning Geranium Welcome" a 6"x6" oil on gessoed masonite archival artboard. Your Valentine price is $100 +zero for shipping (see above)! ...all in the name of love!

Now go on, work on that love life!

In other news.....between nearly frying my calculator and brain on 'the accounting stuff', I took a play-break on Friday afternoon and went cross-country skiing with a friend at a nearby state park. I had never tried this before, and I've got to admit, was a bit nervous. She is a "no-pressure" kind of person, which I'm so grateful for, since this ex-Floridian was probably the biggest snow-hater in the state of CT! Honestly, I felt like the Grinch, when he was finally redeemed! All that hatred for snow changed into laughter - I truly had a blast. I still don't like removing it from my driveway, as we no longer have places to stack this stuff! It's beyond nuisance. Get me out to the woods on skis, that's a much better past-time than shoveling that stuff!

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Blogger Norma Wilson said...

Beautiful flowers Roxanne...can't wait to have some outside my door again!

February 1, 2011 at 5:33 AM  
Blogger Claudia Spencer Finn said...

What great color here! I love the combinations.

February 1, 2011 at 5:48 AM  
Blogger Roxanne Steed said...

Thanks Norma- same here, looking at my plein air works from earlier, warmer seasons makes me long for spring & summer. I can hardly wait!!!

February 1, 2011 at 7:38 AM  
Blogger Roxanne Steed said...

Thanks Claudia- it was fun painting these as well as planting them. Sometimes I see things at the garden center that I just can't wait to paint. (Now I can just hardly stand the wait til spring!!).

February 1, 2011 at 7:39 AM  
Blogger Roxanne Steed said...

I'm so excited- this is going to live with a dear friend in Northern Virginia!

February 1, 2011 at 7:40 AM  

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