Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swoop - Swish - Sail

6"x8" oil on Belgian  linen mounted on panel
For more information about this painting, click here, or contact me here.

Swoop, swish, swing, sail 

flying over water in a 

summer's dance.

Breeze blow, send me away

then return me across the waves.

Brilliant sun, beaming, 

warming my bones...

from my toes

to the smile on my face. 

Ah, summer is wonderful. I had the good fortune to take a sailboat ride with friends this past weekend. It has provided lots of material for some delightful summer paintings.  I'm not a sailor, but I do love watching the way these boats move. A masterful sailor seems to become one with the boat, and it is as graceful as a dance. 

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