Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Wonder of Woods

11"x14" oil on linen mounted on archival panel

Please contact me for more information about this painting, or to purchase.

So, here's the skinny on my painting efforts this, "the girl from FL who does not DO snow is determined to learn to like it, paint it, have fun in it, and live with it.  If all else fails, I can get away for short bits during the winter to go visit my mom in FL!  In fact, I'm making a 'paint & tour' list of every friend that I could possibly stay with down there if we really get an unbearable blizzard or I get frost-bite....or worse (i.e. like lock myself out of the house in the snow, in my jammies, while getting the newspaper). Then I cry 'uncle'! 

This past Sunday morning we wake up to this - a winter wonderland! The storm is over and the sun is out, catching wonderful light tracery on heavy trunks and fine branches.  If I didn't have 'coffee-hour duty' at church I would've climbed back into bed under the warm covers! BRR! But the roads are clear, and I want to greet & chat with my fellow out to the driveway I go to shovel. Hubby follows shortly with the snow-blower, which was still buried in the basement under outdoor stuff that we had hauled in before the hurricane (just a few months back?). 

I figure there must be a special technique of using snow-blowers that involves a great deal of physics (man I hated that class in high school AND college!). It involves understanding wind-direction and flying weight of heavy wet crap- which I haven't mastered yet, as I end up wearing more snow than I clear!   So I inevitably leave the snow-blower to hubby!  

It's tough being a New Englander! But I'm working on getting the hang of it!

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Blogger Dave Casey said...

Love that painting. I may need to go put on a jacket now.

Yes, New England winters can be a pain in the keester, but you do have those wonderful springs, summers and falls to look forward to. Try living in the desert (Las Vegas) where everything is pretty much dirty green and brown all year round.

January 8, 2013 at 2:52 PM  

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