Monday, July 15, 2013

Seduced By Geraniums....famous last words

8"x6" oil on linen/panel
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"You should come visit in January, so you won't be seduced by geraniums..." from a story told to us by our hostess Corinne at Le Vieux Couvant. 
It seemed that after dinner we would linger, enjoying each other's company. Corinne would come in from the kitchen and we would applaud another incredibly fine meal. Someone might ask a question (how did you come to Le Vieux? how did this all come about?)  Well, the interesting stories began....and we were enchanted by the telling. I must admit, I felt as though I was in a movie set...with so many interesting characters!
 Anyway, the 'geraniums' line has become a favorite of mine, which slips out of my mouth & rolls off my tongue every time I even spot a geranium out of the corner of my eye. But it's true. I wait all winter for mine to bloom - and delight in the fact that they are glorious by the time summer finally rolls in. So these are on my back porch, I couldn't resist. How could I? Now, after not painting a speck in oils for over a week, it all feels foreign to me now! So it's back to the easel, get warmed up, finish a commission that I've started before the trip.  
By Friday I'll have a couple more watercolor post-cards to share with you (since I couldn't fit you into my suitcase!).  Any of my blog subscribers are eligible to win! I'll draw 2 names each Friday, for the next three Fridays! See the box at the top that reads, "GET MY LATEST PAINTINGS EMAILED TO YOU DAILY", below is a place to type your email, and click "Subscribe Me".  Your name will be in le chapeau! 
Bonne Chance! 

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