Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Sketchbook Scenes; Ireland vistas & plein air travel......

"Every summer has a story, but this year, it's more like a novel."

So much has happened this summer - and mostly good, some of it even grand; and the not so good, well, it's forgettable.  

I love savoring those grand moments, whether they were big or small.  From first blossoms on a new plant, a new pumpkin on the vine, to a far-away travel destination, a new recipe success, and a fun visit with an old friend; watercolor sketchbook journaling from the garden.

As summer winds to an end, I'm thinking of plans for this fall.  A bit of travel (a place that I've been to many times, but not for several years- Ireland!!) So, share this blog post with your friends, I'd like to grow my Facebook Page, to share the journey of Ireland! 
My wonderful artist assistant (hubby) will be "holding down the fort" at home, so in the coming days, I'll be figuring out how to pack as light as humanly possible since he won't be there to help me haul stuff or get it in his suitcase through the airport! I've been on plenty of plein air trips; several of them overseas. Each time I learn a few new tricks and tips that make it a bit easier. 

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