Saturday, June 7, 2014

Morning Grace - Monday Mentoring Classes

8"x8" oil on archival panel
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I'm enjoying spending time with students in my 'Mentoring Mondays'-leading other artists on their own art journey. At this point in the year, the garden is bursting out with color, the weather is comfortable and a total delight for plein air painting.  In the mornings, the eastern morning light hits this part of the picket fence and the rock wall below it. It's funny, when we planned the garden, I knew the picket fence would be an important feature for me (I've always wanted a garden like this).  But one of the most intriguing things (for me any way) is representing light and shadow on white surfaces. Where they come together is an endless fascination for me.  This painting leans more to the abstract, yet I love the memory of the fuchsia blooms on this rhododendron crawling over and poking through the fence, and the magenta shades in the dwarf Japanese maple below. By the time a week passes, the colors and blooms will be different. The light in the summer sky changing just a bit each day.  I love to hear from other artists & gardeners about your own favorite gardens!

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