Tuesday, August 23, 2016

YOU hold the keys to your enchanted life!

"You will not find wi-fi in the forest, but you will find a better connection." - unknown

I'm so proud of my 12 students this past Saturday morning! I taught Nature Journaling at the CT Audubon Society in Pomfret, CT.  It's beautiful countryside up there - but the things I teach can be taken anywhere.  Watercolor and a sketchbook is so wonderfully portable.  It's a wonderful habit to grow and develop.  Some came with lot of current skill - and found new vistas and things to try.  Some were refreshing old skills that had gone un-used for over a year.  Some were bravely learning a brand new skill that very day!  One was eager try out a new medium once she saw the fun that others were having.  

All came away with some very 'zen' moments of the day, recording this beautiful place on paper and in their memory.  It was indeed an enchanted morning, the kind that starts with a bit of fog, fierce and interesting clouds, burning off to glorious sunshine.  This mirrors our emotional start when we start to learn a new task. 

I love to see the expressions on people's faces when they go from "that moment of doubt" to the "aha! moment of discovery" - and the joy on their faces with the knowledge that, "hey, I can DO this! It is a learnable task that I can do!"

I'm grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with the CT Audubon Society.  We're putting together the fall schedule there, and I'll be holding new classes and workshops in my home studio as well  - starting in late September, once I return from Ireland.  I'll be putting the dates on my website VERY soon! Check the link here for Fall updates! 

Besides the wonderful hay bales, here's some more of what our attendees were able to journal in their sketchbooks:
jewelweed or "touch-me-not" plant
which by the way, is a poison-ivy antidote!
a bundle of tiny rose hips from that invasive climbing rose that has escaped all over Connecticut, 
and a lovely hawk, who kept watch over us from above! 

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