Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Teale's Way...and other recent sales....

 "Because beauty cannot be separated from the larger idea of harmony in the universe, creating art is a central part of a spiritually healthful life.  Making art thus serves the same purpose as their sacred rituals.  It often depicts: to create balance in the individual, the community, and the natural world." 
- (quote found in the American Museum of Natural History regarding the Pueblo cultures of Chaco canyon)

For those folks wondering if I have done something crazy like give up oil painting...the answer is "heck no!".  I still love it! And...I've found the watercolor sketches enhance my efforts, forcing me to think 'differently'.  I haven't found a better way to explain that yet. But I'm certainly enjoying both mediums! 

The above painting, "Teale's Way" has just sold, and is just off to its new home! Luckily - a dear friend bought this, and offered 'visiting rights'!  :-)

Two other recent sales are from my 'Touching Water' solo exhibit, "December Gold", and "Clear Autumn Morning in the Marsh".  

It's been a wonderful summer, I'm sad to see it reaching the end. But there are so many exciting things lined up for autumn!! I'm heading out to teach a sketchbook journaling class in Ireland in a few days. When I return I've got a new line up of Nature Sketchbook journaling classes at the CT Audubon Center in Pomfret, AND some new classes and workshops in my studio!  I'll list those in the very next post! 

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