Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's the Berries.......... nDP

Good morning, happy Monday & welcome to a brand new week!

"Once the mind has been stretched by a new idea, it will never again return to its original size."
- Oliver W. Holmes

Cheer Factor emails:
Today's photograph is called "It's The Berries!". We spent this afternoon on a long hike in the woods over at Bluff Point Park in Groton. This summer has been an incredible growing season, and in the woods- it's no different! We could eat the whole way through! Especially blackberries! Tons of ripe ones and still more that aren't quite ripe yet (but are pretty to photograph). There are wild blueberries - which I find special delight in! My husband is always hesitant to eat those, but once he sees that I'm not keeling over, he does try a few!. There were even wild grapes growing plump and purple from vines tangled through the trees. There were a few other questionable things, a white berry growing along a red stem with a touch of blue color in there somehow. I nicknamed them "scary-berries" since I have no idea what they are & probably not something anyone would want to ingest. But nature can certainly put on a show of her grand providence. So I think I've declared Sunday afternoons a day of no painting, but instead seeing another part of the world close by on a hike through the afternoon. I hope you find a wonderful way to unwind during your weekend - a break in your normal routine or activity.

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