Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Farm Fields, Eastern Shore - sold

10"x10"x1.5" oil on gallery wrapped canvas - NO NEED TO FRAME! (but of course you can if you please) It's wired on the back & ready to hang as soon as you receive it!

This is one of my favorite views during long road trips down to Virginia Beach. We like to travel down the eastern shore instead of I-95...much calmer (usually). I've painted this scene before...a place I just love. It's been on my mind as I'm planning a trip to Chincoteague, VA in September, the annual Pleinair Paintout. It will be my 4th time back to paint during this event(?...I'm starting to loose count now!). I'm really looking forward to getting together with my friends down there & soaking in the beautiful scenery! In this particular painting I've added 2 colors to my (very, very) basic palette - Permanent Rose & Manganese Blue. It was fun using them in the mixing of greens in this piece!

And for other news - the move in is going well! Things are coming together nicely and we're finding a place for everything (even if it means taking it to the "Good Will" store or the trash bin!). At times it's over-whelming, trying to get your life pulled out of boxes, new house things taken care of....and continue painting?! Am I nuts? Each evening for the last year & 4 months I've prepared an email with a quote & a painting (or a photograph) to send out in the morning "Cheer Factor" emails. I am at a cross-roads now of many things converging. I'm still on the quest I've been on for the last 15 years or so - to simplify my life so that I can pursue the things that I truly am called to do - which is to paint. I'm sure that some side roads will continue to intersect my chosen path, but for now I will part from the 'daily' Cheer Factor emails...and perhaps develop it to something more appropriate for delivery at less frequent intervals. Cheer Factor has certainly brought a lot to MY life - I hope it's been enjoyable for you to receive as it has been for me to write. Thanks for allowing me to come join you each morning with your early a.m. coffee!

Now, you can still read about our "continuing saga" through my blog....or subscribe to my ebay store newsletters (see link above in purchase info) for the latest paintings, or my website newsletter! Many thanks - cheer & blessings to you all!


Blogger Christopher Greco said...

A beautiful painting.

August 13, 2008 at 5:37 AM  
Blogger Roxanne Steed said...

Thanks Chris!

August 13, 2008 at 7:16 AM  

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