Saturday, August 31, 2013

Over the Water, Ireland (and I'll be over the water as this is posted!)

The colors of land and sky in the west of Ireland are a landscape painters dream! Such vast expanse of beauty, the subtle variations of blues and greens vibrate against each other.  Painted on location in County Kerry. 

Another painting "from the vault" that I'm sharing (at, well, frankly, birthday suit prices) to celebrate both my birthday month and traveling back to Ireland! Just a few of my previous Irish series remaining. I've held on to some of these for several years now. 

I arrive in Shannon airport at 6am Sunday morning. Usually just a bit earlier than the airport cafeteria opens. I love the last bit of this flight when the sun is just coming up over the horizon, and I catch my first glimpses of Ireland stretching out below me! One on of my flights many years ago when my husband came with me, he gave me the biggest compliment, "Hey, that looks like one of your paintings!". 

Each time I back come home to the states, I've been known to bring home a beach stone or two.  Between the paintings and the stones, it's the closest way to 'keep it with me', until I return again.

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