Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brilliance and Meander - Variations on a Theme

6"x6"x1" deep cradled birch panel
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Variations on a theme...musically - something taken from an original idea and giving it a twist, shaking it up a little, trying it on in different forms.  From time to time, I find this a great fun way to explore in visual works.  From my original works done on location (en plein air), I'll do a similar painting in a different format, make changes, experiment - go smaller, go BIGGER - now we're really jammin'!  Above, is "Brilliance", since the day was like that- one of those truly enjoyable sunny days of late Spring (a gift for New Englanders).

 Below, is "Meander",  

(For more information, or to purchase, click here. )

....which the waterways in the marsh seem to do when the tide comes in. The have their usual path, but the little reaches from the main flow do seem to meander. It may seem sort of aimless, but at times we do need to allow for a bit of 'meander' time. Time to explore, investigate, renew our senses, breathe, and be 'in the moment'.  Give yourself permission for a bit of 'meander' time - could you spare 10 minutes of your day? 

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