Saturday, September 27, 2014

Openings and Workshops and Serendipity Sunflowers!

8"x8" oil on archival panel
For more information, or to purchase, click here.  

"You may believe 
that inspiration is 
something that arrives in 
some mysterious way that's 
beyond your control, but it's
clearly best to 
rely exclusively on 
your decisions - 
to act in ways 
that will intensify
your awareness of Spirit."
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Serendipity...that little word has shown up in my life every now and then ever since I was in my 20s. I learned to be aware of it....and to look for 'serendipitous happenings'....things that fell into place, sometimes simply by circumstance. Or so it would seem. 

But circumstances also arise when the daily choices we make, eventually aline themselves for "just that right opportunity" and you are ready when it finally arises. As Dr. Dyer says above, "rely on your decisions, act in ways that will intensify your awareness of spirit".

Last week I taught a small workshop over in Essex, held at "Paintstix Studios". This is such a lovely, light filled space situated on a hill over-looking the main street. You can see straight down the street all the way to the Connecticut River! My first demo was "Serendipitous Sunflowers", honoring these 'circumstances' that have seemed to line up so fortuitously!

Other good news since I've blogged last, my solo show in Niantic, CT opened to a jam-packed opening reception, spilling out onto the side-walk of a lovely New England evening.  Several sales that evening, that show will hang through October 24th. There's still time for you to see this body of work - all of them landscape paintings of Barn Island, here on the shoreline of southeastern CT.  I'm so grateful for everyone that came out to see the opening and share in the celebration of this group of paintings being presented to the public, for the first time. I'm also grateful for the wonderful essays written about Barn Island (by The Day's journalist, Judy Benson);  that were published just prior to the show opening! The Day presented a gorgeous spread on the front of the 'Daybreak' section of our paper. Here's the online version, for the essays:   

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