Monday, June 22, 2015

Cindy's Garden-Commission

36"x36"x2.5" oil on deep gallery wrapped canvas
Commissioned work

Commissions are such fun - and this one was incredibly fun- a friend's beautiful garden. Now she can have her wonderful blooms year round! No problems with deer, snow, etc.  The room has a long bank of windows looking out on the gardens. Our goal was to bring the garden indoors/extend the view so it could be enjoyed throughout the year.  When a painting is a major focal point of a room, color was the main thing we were strongly considering. The room has a blue-grey color theme, and her decorator suggested a strong pop of orange or coral...and by any chance did she know a local artist? My friend had always wanted to have a "Roxanne Steed" painting, but never could decide which one as she looked in her email box every morning at the things I would paint.  This gave me the chance to do something specifically for this very space - and really be the focal point of the room.  Taking on a commission is a special collaboration. You get to learn someones likes and dislikes, and together you come up with an idea that will greet them every time they come and go from their home.  In my next blog post I'll talk about the commission process and share the four studies I presented for consideration. They were the "jumping off" point to help us finalize our plan! She has come over to my studio to visit her painting while it was drying.  I always keep in touch with emails during the process, so they can see their painting "come to life". This week I'll be installing her painting in her home. I'm humbled and honored to have had this opportunity!

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