Thursday, April 16, 2015

Garden Journal Sketchbook - slowly but surely!

Things are pretty slow this year in the garden.  I've been keeping a garden journal for the last couple years, and these little green nubs (as seen on Good Friday -  April 3rd of this year) are our daffodils! Last year on Good Friday, they were already up and opened, like so:
and yes, last year Good Friday fell on the 18th... which is tomorrow. They are still not ready to open! They're up...and I can see the  bloom heads waiting...just waiting for that right time to pop open! Well, I'm gonna just quit looking. In fact I'm going down to DC this weekend to visit daughters and see cherry blossoms! Hopefully when I get back home the daffs will be in bloom. Hubby might even get to see them before me! If they pop open while I'm gone, I'm sure he'll send me a photo! 

So, I know what I'll probably be painting next week!! 

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