Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Foxgloves on the Ring of Kerry - SOLD! & Glanleam Gardens

10"x8" oil on linen mounted on panel

Each year that I've been in the southwest of Ireland during the summer months, there is usually foxglove blooming wild, here and there. Usually there are just a few of them together in a small stand. This year, the wild blossoms were in rather huge groupings along the roadsides, edges of pastures, etc.   This demo was to show these same techniques from the day before in a floral grouping, all the while paying attention to composition, focal point, values, and edges. 

This was to be the day of our 'skellig excursion' to Skellig Michael, an island 10 miles offshore, with an ancient monastery site & stone beehive huts. Puffins are still nesting at this point in the year.  But, as it turned out, this was the first year we were unable to make the trip. It had been too rough to make the landing, so our boat did not go. We tried rescheduling twice for later in the week, but the seas did not cooperate.  Mother Nature had her way this year. 

There is no lack of things to see and do however. More painting time - with some lessons taught indoors due to rain, and an altered itinerary; flexibility is always highly valued! Lots of discussion among the group regarding social media for artists. 
Here are some of our social media mavens:

The rain cleared leaving a misty atmosphere and we were able to visit Glanleam Gardens, for a picnic lunch, painting demo & painting time & hiking (for the non-painters). It's an incredible property with quite an unusual rare subtropical plant collection.  On the front corner of the house was an Australian Manuka tree.
I knew that would be an interesting view for a quick demo on foliage and architectural details. 

10"x8" oil on linen mounted on archival panel
For more information, or to purchase, click here. 
I did manage a short hike while there on the grounds. Some of the largest fern species I've ever seen simply felt pre-historic!
 Some of the foxglove blossoms were taller than people!
Dark hidden paths through forest and glen were truly enchanting, with old iron gates, and sea views through standing stones.

Oh yes, and those stands of foxglove I mentioned earlier? I did see one near the grotto at the Valentia Slate Quarry. 

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Blogger Julie Ford Oliver said...

Your work captures the colors so well. You do have the eye!
Love the photos too.
I really enjoyed reading about your experiences while in Ireland. What a wonderful workshop you do. I know everyone loved it and learned so much.

It is such a beautiful country. I lived there for two years before coming to the USA, And I lived where it rained part of most days so I related very well.

July 14, 2015 at 9:26 PM  

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