Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Madonna of the Greenhouse- work in progress

11"x14" oil on Belgian linen mounted on panel (Raymar)

"Anyone who doesn't change his mind doesn't have one."
- Bob Burridge

Today's painting is just the beginnings of "Madonna of the Greenhouse". It seems after an 'emergency' trip away from home, I am slowly getting back into my routines and catching up with tasks needing to be done. But I did get a start on this painting today - and what fun it was! Tomorrow I should be able to bring it to a finish if I start early in the day. Hopefully the paint will stay wet enough to soften edges where I want to...I am getting excited thinking about finishing this one- I hope the image matches up with what's in my brain! You can see where I've started with a warm wash on the canvas to tone it, then I mark in roughly the placement of the figure & surrounding items. More of this tomorrow!


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