Monday, November 18, 2013

The Remains of the Day 2014 Annual Calendar - SOLD OUT!!!

Favorite florals and vistas from this past year! Here's what's inside:


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Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Unveiling" and Open House... "Morning's Promise"

Finished commission, 40"x40" oil on canvas

In case you missed mention of it in my last "Cheer Factor" newsletter, I'm hosting a little cake & coffee open house & unveiling of this finished painting, "Morning's Promise" (as it has been named)! 

I do hope you'll stop by this Saturday afternoon, November 23rd, between 1pm and 4pm. I'd love a chance to share this one with you before it heads off to its new home in Virginia Beach.  There are other smaller paintings available...and a few 2014 calendars left (at this moment) still available. 

I do hope you'll join us for a fun afternoon!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peace and Color in the Marsh

10"x10" oil on cradled birch panel
For more information or to purchase, click here.

When I take on a commission, I frequently do small color studies to determine what the finished painting will be similar to! These small studies are quite fun for me- and provide another opportunity for this image to 'live in the world'.  This place (Barn Island) is a frequent point of refuge for me - a bit of nature that is so welcoming in its familiarity. Yet every time I go out there to paint, it has changed....sometimes a little, sometimes quite a lot! Yet, the familiarity is there. There is comfort in that!  

I did do an additional panel of this image, (and 8"x8" on Gessobord) with stronger colors in the sky and water. This was right on target with what my collectors were looking for! (Click here to purchase this study).

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tidal Rush

10"x10" oil on cradled birch panel
For more information, or to purchase, click here.    

Some of the painting techniques that are 'evolving' at my easel involve using both brush and well as some transparent paint in some of the under-paintings. In the commission  I just finished, I was encouraged to go really strong with the color- I mean in a really expressive way. I've been wanting to venture in this direction for a long time. It's incredibly satisfying to stretch in slightly new directions!

I'm going to be teaching these techniques during my workshop in Ireland during the summer of 2014. (Please visit this web-site for some information).  The registration fee will reserve your spot for next summer, I'll be sending out a newsletter this week with more information about this wonderful experience of Creative Renewal in County Kerry!!  

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weighty Matters- SOLD!

16"x20" oil on canvas mounted on archival panel

Oh, the flowers of summer are but a memory at this point in the year. Here in New England, the leaves have been swirling - letting go from the trees and dancing their last hurrah! This morning I opened the window blinds and thought I saw big fat snow flurries, much to my relief it was actually those twirly little seed-pod-leaflet thingies off of the maple trees. Thank goodness. 

I've got lots to share with you, so I'm putting it all in a newsletter tonight. I've been finishing up a humongous commission. If you missed seeing my post on Facebook, here's a preview of how big this one is. I'm laying in the underpainting here.
Hope your Fall has been colorful, and a great delight!

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