Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weighty Matters- SOLD!

16"x20" oil on canvas mounted on archival panel

Oh, the flowers of summer are but a memory at this point in the year. Here in New England, the leaves have been swirling - letting go from the trees and dancing their last hurrah! This morning I opened the window blinds and thought I saw big fat snow flurries, much to my relief it was actually those twirly little seed-pod-leaflet thingies off of the maple trees. Thank goodness. 

I've got lots to share with you, so I'm putting it all in a newsletter tonight. I've been finishing up a humongous commission. If you missed seeing my post on Facebook, here's a preview of how big this one is. I'm laying in the underpainting here.
Hope your Fall has been colorful, and a great delight!

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