Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last of the Summer Lilacs - sold

11"x14" oil on 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas, design continues on the edges

When I set up an arrangement to paint outdoors, I've learned to make several variations on the theme and photograph it as many ways as I can. I can get one or two paintings done outdoors then, I have the opportunity to paint my favorite blooms on into the rest of the year from the photo arrangements. Lilac season just doesn't last long enough for me! I wait patiently (or not so) each year until they bloom again. And I know I'll be in a different house next lilac season, even if I plant them at our new home, it may be a while until they bloom for me. The two different varieties I have in this arrangement are so beautiful; the darker purple ones grow in a single plume. The lighter lilacs have a multi-headed blossom and are just so plump and grand!! And the fragrance!!! Wow, it gets to you, even painting outdoors- they are that concentrated! I began this painting before I left on my trip for Ireland, just a start - I knew I had to finish before the memory was just a ghost of fragrance, until next year.


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