Monday, August 25, 2008

Shell Seekers on Assateague - sold

8"x8" oil on masonite artboard

Good morning, a fine Tuesday it will be all day!

"Travel is the distance we need from ourselves to see the world anew. Sometimes this requires a plane ticket, sometimes just a changed point of view."
- Thomas Paquette, artist

Cheer Factor emails

I've been working on some color studies for a larger painting. Chincoteague, VA & Assateague National Wildlife Refuge is a favorite place of mine to go visit. Even off season, when the tourists are mostly gone, there's a few lone beach walkers, gathering shells in the sand. The beach grasses turn a golden brown, and continue to lighten to a golden wheat during the winter. Storms passing through bring some fierce color to the sky & darkens the water, richly contrasting the golden grasses. AND I'M GOING BACK IN SEPTEMBER!! Yahoo!! It's going to be a fun Paint-out!

Painters tip:
Monday evening I spent time at a monthly meeting of writers & illustrators. There are about 6 of us that have been meeting together for the last three years ever since we were in a children's book-writing & illustrating class together. It is a springboard of ideas for each of us- and a trusted place to 'put our ideas on the table' and receive encouragement or guidance. If you are ever lucky enough to find and nurture a group like this - it's so valuable to get out of your studio and find this kind of fellowship with other kindred spirits. Keep the numbers small - bigger is not necessarily better in regards to group size.

******I hope you will continue to join me during August as I take part in painting "A Tribute To A Beautiful Earth" - Celebrating and Conserving our Planet at One hundred thirty-seven (137) member artists from 10 countries will post their tributes to the planet at the website. The Online International Show will begin August 1st and run all month to celebrate the beauty of the world and taking care of it. ********


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