Thursday, November 13, 2008

Celtic Crossings, Kerry Cows, Dohilla, Valentia Island - sold

oil on 6"x12" museum quality panel, the top view is a close up!

Always remember to forget
The troubles that passed away.
But never forget to remember
The blessings that come each day.
- Irish Blessing

Today was misty and rainy here in Mystic, CT. I listened to some great fiddle tunes by Liz Knowles (The Celtic Fiddle) all afternoon while reminiscing & painting this scene from one of my trips to Valentia Island, Ireland. On the steep road that drops down to Valentia Lighthouse, there is a place to pull over at the bottom, near the water. The last few times I've been, we set up & paint the lighthouse, but looking back up the hill....there are cows grazing in the the very top of this hill stands a Celtic cross- the cross for the Knights of Kerry.
The winds blow the grasses in the pasture and the water crashes on the rocks in the channel below, muffling the sounds of the cows. There is such a wonderful peace in these elements.

Here it is late fall, the time to buy airline tickets if I am to go back next summer -...I am disappointed with the economy lately...who's not?! But I'm still holding out hope to get back there next year. Many have been asking me when I'm going to paint more Irish here we go- I am offering some of my larger ones for lower prices than earlier this year, think of Christmas gifts for loved ones. Even in crummy times something beautiful to look at is a balm for the soul.

One of my collectors, who lives in constant pain, hung a large work of mine in her living room across from her couch, so she could sit and look at it- she claimed it brought her great peace.

Another collector hung her painting of sailboats in a harbor in her bedroom so that she could see it every morning when she woke up.

Another couple hung their painting of Chincoteague in their bedroom to remind them of a romantic trip there.

One young woman commissioned me to paint the fishing boats by the pier in Portmagee, Ireland, (where she was married & spent her honeymoon)as an anniversary present for her husband....(and yes, her wedding pictures were so romantic!!)

Yet another collector commissioned me to paint a particular fountain in Savannah, GA (another favorite town of mine) as a wedding gift, where the groom had proposed to his bride!

Yes, art, whether big or small, brings great joy and a sense of peace to a weary world. So when we at first think of art as a luxury, even a small treasure is an uplifting thing to have in our lives. We may remember a family event, commemorate a great celebration, or simple escapism to a place we'd rather be.

Even high-end collectors who buy the Monets, Renoirs, etc., when asked art because they "love it".


Blogger Peter Sobol said...

November 14, 2008 at 12:20 AM  
Blogger Roxanne Steed said...

Hi Peter; Thanks for the link - it looks like your trip was great fun,too! Great way to document it! I hope to get around a little further with each visit, but I do love the 'in-depth' visits I've been able to take & know one place pretty well. What's funny is, I keep discovering new stuff in the same area each time- making me want to come back to the same place & delve a little deeper. (I think I'm planting roots there, ha!). Slainte!

November 15, 2008 at 8:15 AM  

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