Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chelsea and the Lilacs - sketch

"Regardless of your current station in life, you have a spiritual contract to make joy your constant companion."
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Today's sketch is "Chelsea and the Lilacs". I do like 'Sharpie" markers for drawing---well, for quick sketches that is. Not a meticulous finished drawing, but more of getting the idea on paper kind of thing. So yes, there are initial lines across the mid-section of the head that I start with that if using pencil or charcoal, they'd get either drawn into the finished drawing or erased out. But here, all lines are left....then if I proceed to make it a painting- corrections & adjustments are made there....where they can be wiped off or painted over in an instant.

It was a good day of packing & shipping one painting on it's way to Utah; underpainting a large canvas 24"x36" for another one in my Ireland series......and then late afternoon I caught the last half of the Florida State vs. Clemson game on tv! WOOHOO! GO 'NOLES! Their coach, Bobby Bowden was celebrating his 79th birthday - & near the end of the game - the whole stadium sang 'Happy Birthday' to him...awwww - now that's love & admiration!

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