Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blue Door and Buoys-Irish Cottage, Pagan Graves-St. Brendan's Well (SOLD)

8"x6" oil on linen/panel - $200

So much has happened this summer, and I haven't finished telling about the Ireland workshop trip! Yes, being Ireland, we did have some rain. Usually it's not too bad. But there are days when it is inconvenient. Sometimes you can 'make the best of it', and sometimes, one must go indoors.  This began as a demo:
and as is often true, painting outdoors in Ireland can be a full contact sport! We thought we could outlast it, but the rain became relentless, and we packed it up to go into the studio. In Barbara Mastaglio's studio, one can paint from window views or work studies from photos to learn technique.The two prime windows hold views of the skelligs, out in the Atlantic, and the other window looks out toward the village of Portmagee, across the channel. 
Another view of the island, that is worth a walk down to visit, is the "Pagan Graves" down by St. Brendan's Well, this one is already claimed!

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