Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Norma!!

3"x4" oil on Belgian linen mounted on panel

"Happy Birthday to you...."

Today's painting is "Happy Birthday Norma!!" . Norma is my painting friend in Virginia who told me about way back when. At one point we shared a studio space in Virginia Beach. Today's painting came about after thoughts of...."now why didn't I get a card in the mail any sooner than today????" hmm. So I thought I'd have fun with the makings of a birthday cake in the sunshine, with one of those tall, skinny, sparkly candles....on one of my blue & white plates of course! It's the smallest panel I've ever painted with a palette knife (3"x4").

This little painting is not for sale, but please contact me by email if you'd like to "send a cake" to your birthday buddy. For $20 I'll paint your favorite cake on your favorite color of plate & table cloth AND deliver it to your birthday friend!


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