Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wonderful Fragrance ...ndp

"Most certainly there is a fragrance of orange blossoms in heaven..."
- Roxanne Steed

Just a photograph to share called "Wonderful Fragrance" (not for Daily Painters). I'm just glad to be back home from my travels and get back to the easel tomorrow! This is one of my favorite memories of childhood- the fragrance of orange groves. As a pre-Disney child of central Florida, before it was quite so built up as it is now- the place was covered with grove land. When these trees were blooming it was incredible. Even a change in the wind seemed to bring in a slight variation of a 'far-off' grove (not that they were very far away at all back then). While back home visiting my mom, I took her to one of my favorite destinations, Leu Gardens. And yes, I couldn't wait to get my head in one of these trees and breathe in the wonderful fragrance...and bring back those memories of growing up in Florida!

I had a great visit with mom, and most certainly enjoyed the weather (went barefoot as often as possible)... But I'm looking forward to getting back to the easel and yeah, the smell of oil paints!


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