Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lace at the Window, Tunes at the Hearth - sold

8"x8" oil on canvas mounted on archival board (Utrecht)

"People live in each other's shelter." - Irish Proverb

I love this quote above - our friends and family help us to become the people we are truly meant to be. I really "had my Irish on" today. I've been reminiscing about my friend Barbara's cottage in Ireland, and its garden in the front. There are geraniums, daisies, montbresia, and herbs for cooking! It is protected by a high wall on the north side protecting the garden area from the toughest north winter winds. The wall around the front & southern end is almost waist high. The lace curtains are so welcoming, but the thing I love most....is when you approach the front door - it is directly across from a window on the back of the house which looks out on the Atlantic Ocean and the skelligs beyond. The stone walk is like gently tousled hair with a bit of grass or herbs coming up between the big stones. Smaller smooth stones from beach combing line some of the edges. And a big rustic red bench calls to you from the front door step, along with some fisherman's bits of netting washed in from the sea, hanging on a hook on the little porch. Inside the cottage there's a wonderful fireplace that heats the whole place, essentially one big room downstairs. A neighbor friend sent up a fiddle for me to loan for a few days...oh what a wonderful treat! I carried so much painting gear with me on the trip over, there was just no way I felt able to carry-on an instrument on the flight as well. So I sat by the hearth & played everything I could remember from every session I'd ever played in. What great fun!

But for today back at home,as I painted, I listened to another great cd, Liz Carroll & John Doyle "In Play". (click on the link to hear samples). In between painting, I'd go click on my daughter's you-tube videos from their latest Irish dance performances during homecoming week at Florida State. I stand to paint...& I'm practically dancing at this point! While I'm painting, I'm immersed in it all.....and when the painting is finished...it's like arriving back at home, with very fond memories.

If you are an artist seeking a boost in your creativity- an artistic retreat is something you should start planning for. The time to immerse yourself in your favorite endeavor, in the company of a small group of fellow artists is so enriching. Visit this link for more about Barbara's Valentia Island Artists Retreat.


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